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EF2000 Campaign Pilot and Location ReViVer ver 4.05 release 12-6-97

ReViVe version 4.02 is now available!!
Now has a bug fix for debriefing in German version of EF2000/Tactcom .

Super ReViVe is here with the release of Tactcom for EF2000.
It features additional controls including a full Mission Debrief of missions for single and multi users, and the new feature of moving active aircraft back to the reserves for greater control of resources!

Here's a preview...the main editor:

Debriefing options:


It will:

It will let you cheat by:

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For the 32 bit version package:
ver4.05 [2Mb]

(note: repackaged 09/09/2004 by popular request)

Notes & Quotes:
We could not have won, no matter how well we did, if it weren't for "ReViVe".....
Dan "CRASH" Crenshaw
209th VFS Delta Hawks
DiD Network BETA Squadron

"ReViVe" is very useful stuff! I actually get to survive and even win my campaigns now.
Jan Holm
Assistant Editor
Privat Computer Magazine

It still doesn't help you to advance the front line, you've got to do that for yourself, play the game! It should be a lot easier now to defend your territory.

I recommended that you Morph (change) A10's, Cobra's, F111's, MI24's and TU16's as they rarely (if ever) appear in the game.

If anyone comes up with more secrets of the Campaign file I would like to hear from you.

New Users of ReViVe in 2004:

Rico Jansen, Netherlands

Roland Kress, Nuernberg, Germany

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209th VFS Delta Hawks
for the Award Winning Flight Sim.

Get the Graphics Plus patch for EF2000 v2.0

Brett  L.
Super EF2000 Test Team Member

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