Featuring photos from my  OLYMPUS C-770 Ultra Zoom Black

Chinchilla in Flood (pic 28/12/2010)

Hotlaps at Calder Park Raceway

Hot Laps

Megan & Mark's big day

Formal 2009

mini Titan in a hover on Xmas Day 08

What could be better than a "Knife Edge" with your very own scratch build Extra

Our mountain retreat for our 20th Anniversiary


Ant takes a ride in a Nanchang CJ-6A

The new (painted) Verandah


The newly finished Verandah

The Hog Ride on the Harley "Deuce"


Easter Moon on the farm

Autumn Rain


Featuring photos from my Kodak DX4330

Sunset Storms

V8 Experience


Al's Mustang


The new truck


Caribbean Pirate fever




Looking down the throat of a storm.




The Hulk?

Ant wins 100m sprint

=== Rebecca's & Richard's Wedding ===

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=== Brisbane City ===

1. Recent photo of Brisbane City & River

[click for full size photo]

2. Time lapse photo of Brisbane by night. (can you find the jet?)

[click for full size photo]

3. South Bank, Brisbane

[click for full size photo]

4. Southbank by Night

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