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Trev's Addon Manager Readme

What is it for:
This Program is written to manage all custom addons for OFP. You now can activate and
deactivate Addons (without deleting them) or delete them if no longer used.

Why you need to manage that addons:
Since OFP and OFP:Res can only handle limited amount of addons, you might know the message
"unable to memorymap xxxxx.pbo" which indicates, that you use to many addons in your folders.
This program now gives you the opportunity to deactivate unneeded addons (when you don't want
to delete it) or delete them completely. You can also now switch fast between different
configurations of addons (see Favorits for more info).

How to use:
Simply start the AddonMngr.exe. AddonMngr will automaticlly detect where your OFP is

You now have the options to select the standard addons folder, the resistance addons folder
or the MPMissions folder.

You can now activate and deactivate addons by simply click on the addon following by the click
on the wanted action.

MENTION: If you use the RES folder, the game also loads all addons out of the regular addons-folder
that are not already active in the res\addons folder.

not supported in this version

Save template:
For save a list with your favourites activate all addons you want to have in that template and hit
"SAVE" button. Rest should be easy.

For loading a template hit "LOAD" and select the template you want.


Not supported

! Since no-one ever reported any data loss using this tool, I assume there will be no !
! problems with that. AddonMngr seems to create sometimes 0 byte files, but those will be !
! indicated by the program. But since there could be some others/unknown bugs in AddonMngr!
! I can not guarantee, that it will not damage your files. That's why I recommend taking !
! a backup of your addons folders in which you will use AddonMngr. !
! !
! I am not responsible for any problem that might occure when using AddonMngr,you are using!
! it at your own risk. So please don't blame me if something happens. !

Of course I am very interested in feedback especially bug reports/suggestions.
Please mail to

Special Mention:

Trev's addon manager is not a new concept, it is a carry on from DKM's OFP Addon Manager v1.0.0.
I was unable to contact them to suggest improvements, so I built this program in a few hours
so that I could get the features I wanted.

They are:
When loading a template file, especially from someone else, it will tell you if you are
missing any addons. It will load the names into the clipboard so you can easily paste
the addon names into an email to request them from the mission creator.
With so many addoons available, this is very handy when having a multiplayer session
with a group of friends.

Multi-file selection. Not sure why the DKM guys left this simple feature out, but it
is essential when deactivating groups of addons, like seb_nam, BAS_, ect.

So thanks to DKM-Rastavovich for the original concept.

- If you experience any problems when starting AddonMngr you need the
"Visual basic 6.0 runtime files", please download them here:

- If you get the message "Component 'COMDLG32.OCX' or one of its dependencies
not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid'

Download the ComDlg32.ocx from here, unzip and run the BATch file to register it windows/system32.

Note: Comdlg32.ocx is a file that provides "Common Dialog" boxes, like the
"save as..."- box you might know from your windows.

Trev of BLISoftware

Version history:

v 1.03 14/10/04
Fix: Registry key now uses standard OFP, not Resistance

v 1.02 18/9/04
Fix: Addon Files with spaces in their names caused a problem

v 1.01 26/6/04
Added a "Addons Success" message when all addons configured as per template.
This was to complement the "Addons Missing" message.

v 1.00 19/6/04
the original version

Known issues:
- None I am aware of


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