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Trev's Flashpoint Tools

Download both tools full install here

 Addon Manager v1.0.3




[download v1.0.3]

Note: 1.0.3 upgrade package contains just the executable file. See the readme for install info. Full package available here.

Save Manager v1.0.1

Flashpoint only allows 1 save for a mission, but now you can over-ride that and save whenever you need to.

Press the Scroll-lock key during a mission to have it rename your last save and allow you to access the save option again.

Press the PAUSE key to roll back to the last save, if you saved at a bad time.

[download v1.0.1]

Note: 1.0.1 upgrade package contains just the executable file. Full package available here.

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see also Trev's OFP Campaign

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