Aero Radio Control

Project "Burt"

Avro Lancaster Mk I Home Build

Visual Specifications

Model Specs

Fuselage Length: 1020mm
Wingspan: 1600mm
Motors: 4 x 180w Brushless Outrunners
Power Source: 2 x 2100mAh LiPos
Target Weight: 1600grams

100% Complete - 1 crash and minor re-design & rebuild. Now fully operational.


Wing Framework (in progress)

Tail Servo for Rudder and steering (in progress)

Prototype Engine/Wing bay

Landing Gear - 3" wheels

The wiring nightmare with 4 brushless motors & ESCs

The newly extended Bomb Bay to house elevator servos, 7ch receiver, UBEC, and twin battery connections.

A successful electrics test including a short taxi

Wings finally sheeted, dihedral better than expected - nice and even!

Engine Nacelles completed

Ready for a Test Flight

Ready for a 3rd Flight after wing adjustments

Landing Lights look cool, wing tips now more even.

The first Taxi Test


The Maiden Flight - good take off but landed at the crash site


The real thing



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