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Note: all software presented here is freeware

Topfield IceTV Tool

This small application allows you to re-match local channel assignments and output an updated IceTV file for your Topfield 7000.

Also find favourites and make a watch list and generally browse the schedule.

HISTORY - The application

History displays all the events that are occurring in the next 30days. These can be annual events such as birthdays and anniversaries or they can be one off events such as dentist appointments and sports events. Record significant purchases such as when you bought that new car, and have a quick reference to its age.

added features: events can be selected as "Show Once", shown with a red flag. They are auto-deleted once their date has past. Also a new single event edit dialog,

Check for the latest version of  History here.


 Microdot: the spy game.


OFP Addon Manager

the replacement for DKM's Addon Manager, with extra features to help control the enormous number of addons available for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. See more about Addon Manager here.

OFP Save Manager

the tool to give you unlimited saves in any campaign or single mission.

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Design a Custom Steering Wheel for the PC


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--== BLISoftware Nostalgia ==--

a walk down memory lane.

Digital Image Design' EF2000 Game Software Beta Tester 1997-8

EF2000 Campaign Editor: "ReViVe"

See this page for my time in the international light: EF2000 Campaign Editor Review

DeltaHawks have success with ReViVe

Favourite Games:

The most open wargame environment you will ever experience.

and the predecessor..

The Award winning War-Game simulation

Nascar 2002


Janet's Solitaire High Score:

9871 in 76 Seconds  (she says "beat that!!)