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HISTORY v2.3.1

added features: show an event once, then remove it after it has occurred.

now with Single Event edit dialog

History includes a "Random Wallpaper Changer on startup" mode with selection dialog as shown here.

Events can be exported from the Events List editor and imported with the form shown below, so events can be shared with friends.

[download v2.3.0 XP Install - 2.7MB]

Note: XP package contains starter database and support files suitable for setting History up on  Windows XP for the first time. Existing users read Upgrade section below.

[download v2.3.1 upgrade (EXE only) - 66KB]

Note: Upgrade package contains just the executable file (history.exe) and is suitable for manually replacing existing versions 2.1.9 onwards without the need to reinstall. This is RECOMMENDED FOR EXISTING USERS!  History now has a built-in database upgrade function that will convert older version databases to the current specification. On startup for the first time, if an error message is encountered, use the File>Repair Database menu option to upgrade your database.

Here is a Template Database containing the upgraded v 2.3.0+ Table Structure. You can use it as a guide to upgrade existing older versions using MS ACCESS. However History has a File>Database Repair option that will rebuild/upgrade table structures to the current version.

[download History_Template Database - 21KB]


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