Aero Radio Control

MUGI Delta Wings

The Mini Mugi glider

Carried up and Dropped by the Extra

moments before release

release!!! as it noses up under the mother ship.

MUGI EVO MkII Home Build

This time using 2.5mm CorFlute

Mk III, now with undercarriage


The very First Mugi (and first home build)

Folding the wing from 3.5mm CorFlute

Preparing the Servos, Wires, and height guide

Wing, Nose and Spine Glued

The Battery/Radio gear access hatch

Almost finished, awaiting Control Horns, the ESC, and Motor (Brushless)

installing the control arms and adding some trim

It flew but it was too heavy and under powered, but valuable lessons were learnt.

Mk II & III (above) were much improved.

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