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Want to get into Radio Contolled Flight?
Here is a few suggestions..

Hobbyzone "Super Cub" Ready to Fly

The Super Cub is a basic 3 channel design (throttle, elevator & rudder) with good wing dihedral for self leveling tendencies.
While it has plenty of power for short take offs, it can glide quite slowly and has a gentle stall characteristic.

SuperCub Pamphlet

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AXN Floater "Clouds Fly" Plug-N-Fly

The AXN is a bit more advanced than the Super Cub with a 4 channel design (throttle, aileron, elevator & rudder) with no wing dihedral, however turned up wingtips for a gentle stall characteristic.
It has no undercarriage, so it requires a hand launch which while can be performed by the pilot, is better with a 2nd person.
On the other hand, it can be landed on most level surfaces if the belly is protected with some fibre reinforced tape.
If coupled with the Eagletree Guardian Stabiliser, the AXN can be a great beginners plane, yet have the scope to extend into advanced flight

Wing span: 1280mm /50.3 inches
wing area: 0.23 sq. m.
weight: 470g with all electronics including RX (NO battery)
length: 860 mm/33.8 inches
Motor: Out runner brushless motor: 2208N 2200 KV
speed controller / ESC: 20Amp Brushless ESC with switching BEC
Servos: 4 x 9g servos

AXN Pamphlet

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