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ACME Trooper from Hobby King..buy one here

4WD 1/10 scale Short Corse Truck. 540 Brushless Motor, 35A ESC, 3600mAh 3S LiPo

There is no doubt the ACME Trooper is at the budget end of Hobby grade Short Course Trucks on the market, but this is one truck that delivers excellent bang for the buck.The low KV motor lends itself to a 3S setup which in turn helps to lower the current draw for the delivered power. The 35Amp ESC (same as the Turnigy 35A Car ESC) seems to easily handle the 3S setup and remains cool after a good 15mins of hard bashing.

To run 3S, you MUST do the ESC Fan mod so that it is not running at battery voltage, but rather the 5V BEC output. This requires the fan's red wire being soldered onto the second pin on the right of the white plug.I am running the 3600mAh 3S 30-40C Turnigy LiPo which give great performance and over 15mins running time. Fits in perfectly.Get the blue one, get the Red one, but get one for a ton of fun in the backyard, on the street or even at the skate park!

3.6Ah 30C 3S LiPo fits nicely, 15mins bashing time!

Voltage protector (big Cap) serves to keep the OrangeRX locked in.

Body anti-rattle protection

Trial Debris Screen

The screen kept most debris out after a hard run in loose dirt, leaves & grass. Note the build-up around the rear axel.

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