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TankBattle v3.0.2

an awesome turned based tank strategy game.

Single Player vs AI  or  2 Player LAN.

Object of the game: eliminate the enemy tanks, taking out strategic targets to gain the upper hand along the way. A turn consists of 1 player plotting artillery fire missions on vacant positions, guessing where their opponent will move, while the other player moves his tanks. Moves and shots are analysed at the end of each turn. Then the roles are reversed for each successive turn until 1 or both players have no tanks left at the end of a turn.

Strategic Targets:

Losing your HQ means that you lose you two Mine Fields

Losing your Ammo Dump means that your Artillery Fire missions are limited from the initial 5 shots to the number of artillery positions remaining, limited to 1 even if all guns have been destroyed.

Losing your Fuel Depot means your moves are limited from the initial 6 moves (3 max per tank), to only 4 moves total. Losing all but 2 or less tanks means the 3 move limit per tank is also lifted.

Tank Attack:

  To attack with your tanks, move them adjacent (side, front or back) to a target (Enemy Tank or Gun) whereby an automated fire fight will determine the outcome. Tanks have a Rank (Private - Captain, 1-6) that decide the outcome of a duel.

Guns have a ~20% chance of destroying a tank. Higher the tank's rank the less the chance.

Acknowledgements: adaptation from the original Milton Bradley Board Game "Tank Battle" 1975. Sounds from M1 Tank Platoon II.

This software is FREE.

Download here [3.1Mb]

Download 3.0.2 EXE only [953kb]

Version History:

Version 3 Windows [Visual Basic 6] 2005
Version 2 PC-DOS [PowerBASIC]


Version 1 AMIGA - [AMOS] 1990


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