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Project: Aerial FPV (First Person View)

Airframe - Bixler 2

Airframe - Scratchbuild 1.8m Corflute/EPS Pusher Plane

Basic FUSE Construction from wire cut EPS foam, more shaping needed.

1.8m Corflute Wing with EPS Foam ribs on 2 Carbon Fibre spars.

Provision for Flaps has been made with 4 servos installed.

Taller than me.

Wing mount 6mm C/F tubes added. Plywood base for mounting Undercarriage and C/F Tail Tubes ready to glue on.

Mockup to see how it looks, tail is a bit too large & heavy? No Rudder attached yet.

Massive cargo bay, 80mm wide. 2 x 4000mAh 3S LiPos to get enough forward weight. Better more power capacity than dead weight.

Fibreglassed fuse to beef up the EPS. The externally mounted ESC will get plenty of airflow ;-)

Not the most pretty bird in the hanger, but hopefully functional.

The "Pelican", Ready for the Maiden Test Flight

It flew successfully, landed effortlessly with the large flaps deployed

Now to add more FPV & telemetery equipment...


5.8GHz 200mW 8ch FPV Video Tx/Rx Module




Heads-up OSD Telemetry - Eagletree

EagleTree OSD Wiring Diagram


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