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My Fabrikator Mini v1.5

My Marlin Custom Firmware
re-configured and modified for any Fab Mini v1.5 with the Full Graphic Smart Controller LCD and TinyFab's Heated Bed
1 minute inactive timeout
re-configured 2nd Extruder port as a stepper Cooling Fan port
added Extruder only Preheat option
added dedicated Bed Levelling Menu to make moving the hot end around easier when taking height measurements
enabled and tweaked the Runaway Temperature control on hotend and bed for safety
re-ordered the Prepare menu for most used options first

My simple Y Stepper 30mm fan mod:

My Pan & Tilt mount for my Mobius on the Bix3:

Memory Card Organiser

My Wine Goblet

My TinkerCAD customisable shape generator:


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